Growing up as the only child of three kids, Dominic López escaped to his imagination when he realized he couldn’t throw a football for sh*t. This escape cultivated his love and passion for storytelling and filmmaking. Later in life when he was supposed to go to medical school, he pulled a fast one on his parents and instead majored in theatre. Always a camera in his hand, he married his love for filming things with his classmates’ needs for over the top acting and found his true calling - making movies.

Today, Dominic is a Los Angeles based director, writer, and cinematographer. He regularly works on films, television and commercials. As a cinematographer and camera operator, he's familiar with digital systems such as Arri Alexa and Sony Venice cameras, as well as 35mm and 16mm film.

In 2020, Dominic made his directorial debut with the film LITTLE JAR which made it's World Premiere at the 2022 Austin Film Festival where it was nominated for the Narrative Feature Grand Jury Prize. LITTLE JAR went on to play at film festivals across the US and Europe and even nabbed him awards for best director, best screenwriting, and a Grand Jury Prize at the Paris International Film Festival. LITTLE JAR has since secured a world-wide distribution deal through Good Deed Entertainment.

His future looks so bright, He'll probably need to wear shades...

and he'll probably wear them at night because the sun never sets on cool. He takes nothing seriously except for everything filmmaking but that’s because he really loves making movies and writing witty biographies.

Dominic is actively developing two feature films (TINY FEET, WALLETS) as well as releasing a micro short film once a month through his production company, Grey Rabbit Films (IG: @greyrabbitfilms).



AFF 2022 Narrative Feature Grand Jury nominee


PIFF 2023 Best director

PIFF 2023 best screenwriter

PIFF 2023 grand jury prize best feature film

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